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New! High accuracy electrode wire

It is proud of the high-tech function of the world highest level. Together, essence of wire cut maker’s technology. It passed severe inspection high accurate and high quality electrode wire.
Also Handling  below Rental wire system & Wire recycle system
Improve! quake resistance by Low hight!
*Anti rust water system for WEDM
*Ion exchange resins
              cartridge circulationsystem
New Desinge!
WEDM anti rust water system

The consumption ratio
35% down!
compared with conventional
copper tungsten

Rental Wire !
The first in the industry

[ Legaloy DT35 ]
Less erosion electrode
*[Rental Wire]
We rental electrode wire of the top wire makers
Less erosion electrode Legaloy DT35
Rental wire
New! State of Art performance New ! With high-tech function
[ Grafil ]
Exclusive Graphite EDM Filter
Ecofriendly Filter .for Highly accurate processing
Graphite filter Grafil
[ EW-340 series] for WEDM
High-performance and Long life Filter
EW-340  High-performance long life filer
* Overseas sales of thease products are not possible, Please be patient.