Mecatronics machine Manufacture division
We design and manufacture of molds and dies with a variety of mechatronics and machinery have experience in mechatronics

Metal eadger EME460(L/R)

Metal eadger CEP480(L/R)

Metal eadger Metal eadger papereadge
The machine is device which to attach
saw blade(metal) on wrap carton
The machine is device which to attach
saw blade(paper and metal) on wrap carton
Rap and aluminum foil Rap and aluminium foil

Card Puncher CAP7(L/R)

Card puncher The machine is device which to
punch out a card from sheet
Prepaid card
High-speed small hole EDM

With High-technology

High-speed processing
Stability/Machine weight 1.1t

High rigidity and accuracy
Digital display function
equipment Z axis automatic
depth setting function

< Special accessory >
Water circulation system

Water circulation system EK-30
High speed ! Small hole EDM ESM-8V