Chemical Products
Description Code No.
*Rust remover
KC-12, KC-12A, K-200
*Anti corrosive paint
CP-3, CP-3N, W-91, Aquagil spray
Chemithrogh, Chemiflash WE
*Processing oil for EDM
Metlwork HS,Metalwork S,MetalworkED
*Processing liquid for Small hole EDM
Chemiflash 02, Chemiflash 03, Chemiflash 02D
*Drilling Accelerator
Chemiloncut Super E-10, Chemilontap spray
Chemilontap Ge, Chemicool EE, Chemicool X-89
*Grinding accelerator
Chemicool X-85,Chemicool C-798S
Mecha Cleaner, Mecha parts Cleaner, High wash
Mecha Fine Clean,Mecha Jet bath, ChemiQ SX-7
Mecha Hand make,Mecha Hand soupA

Related Product
*Ion Exchange Resins Cartridge Circulation System "Resina"
*Antirust Water System For WEDM "Sabina"

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