Tough Pitch Copper Electrode
[ Pipe ]

In the copper electrode, it excels in the conductibility of electricity and heat, and flatting,the squeezing processing, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance are good electrodes
Copper pipe
pipe shape size
size unit :mm
Co.No. φD L
200 300 400
C100P 0.08 Δ - -
0.1 Ο - -
0.15 Ο - -
0.2 Ο Ο -
0.25 Ο Ο Ο
0.3~3.0 ( unit:0.1) Ο Ο Ο
3.1~10.0 ( unit:0.1) Ο - -
The inside diameter might be different according to the manufacturer.
Please consult about the mass production of a specific size at the inside diameter specification etc
We also manufacture the size which is not in a table