Tough Pitch Copper Electrode
[ Rod ]

In the copper electrode, it excels in the conductibility of electricity and heat, and flatting, the squeezing processing, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance are good electrodes

Copper Rod

Rod shape size

size unit :mm
Co.No. φD L
C100R 0.3~10.0
Co.No. φD L
500 1000 2000
C100R 3 - Δ Δ
5 Δ Δ Δ
10 Δ Δ Δ
15 Δ Δ Δ
20 Δ Δ Δ
25 Δ Δ Δ
30 Δ Δ Δ
35 Δ Δ Δ
40 Δ Δ -
45 Δ Δ -
Δ:within 3days until shipment
We also manufacture the size which is not in a table