Less Erosion Electrode

The best electrode for the super-hard alloy.
Compared with conventional copper tungsten
The consumption ratio decreases 35%. (Ratio of our company)
The processing speed is 10%up.
(Ratio of our company)

The durability of the blade improves when cutting is processed.
Especially, the consumption of the edge can be decreased and it highly accurateprocesses it.
Less Erosion Electrode Rod

Rod Shape size

size unit :mm
Co.No. L
25 50
DT 15 Δ Δ
18 Δ Δ
20 Δ Δ
23 Δ Δ
25 Δ Δ
28 Δ Δ
30 Δ Δ
Co.No. L
25 50
DT 33 Δ Δ
35 Δ Δ
40 Δ -
45 Δ -
50 Δ -
55 Δ -
66 Δ -
Δ:within 6 days until shipment
We also manufacture the size which is not in a table