Exclusive Filter for Graphite EDM

New! Product with state-of performance
Our original Filter is developed for a graphitized electrode and long life!

GRAFIL Graphite Filter
Exclusive Graphite EDM Filter
are developed used new highly accurate filter paper!
It succeeds in an internal structure with a little low resistance
And in the greatly improvement for The Long Life!
Applicable to Mitubishi, Sodick and Makino
Environment and Filter for highly accurate processing
With nipple Without nipple
 Mistubishi ,Filter for Graphite ESF-330VE(G) with nipple  Mistubishi, Firlter for Graphite ESF-330VE(G) without nipple  Mistubishi and sodick,Filter for Graphite ESF-260M2G Makino for Filter for Graphite ESF-260MAG
ESF-330VE(G) ESF-260M2G ESF-260MAG
Machine Product Name Dimension / Remark
  ESF-330VE(G)    φ300(φ58)×330  /
Water pressure to
both outside and inside
Removable nipple
ESF-260M2G φ260(φ29)×340
inner pressure
ESF-260MAG φ260(φ46)×280
outer pressure
We offer consultation if you use other maker's machine