EDM peripherals equipment division

Electrode for EDM 
Electrodes: •Copper Tungsten
•Silver Tungsten
•Low erosion
•Tapered copper
(2) Peripherals equipment for EDM
(Filter and others.)
(3) Wire for WEDM
(4) Peripherals equipment for WEDM
( Diamond dies •Power feed•Nozzle )
( Connected parts•Filter•Ion exchange resin•NC tape )
(5) Chemical Products*
( Rust remover• Anti corrosive paint •Oil for EDM• Processing requid for small hole )
( Drilling accelerator •Grinding accelerator• Cleaner•HWD )
(6) Jig ( Tooling system )
(7) Tools (Whetstone •Diamond tool• End mils )
(8) Parts of Mold( Eject pin )
(9) Small hole EDM and Peripheral equipment
Resina Anti-rust water system Sabina Mk-2></A></TD>
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Ion exchange resins
cartridge circulation
Anti rust water system
for WEDM
High-Speed smal hole EDM
Counpund small hole EDM ESM-8V
*Oversase sales of thease products ,are not possible. Please be patient.