Company Profile

( As of 30th September 2008 )
 Corporate name and address
Eastern Technics Corporation
6-9-21 Fukuda Yamato-City Kanagawa-Prefecture, Japan
Postal Code: 242-0024
June 11, 1970
 Paid-in Capital
50 million Japanese Yen
4.2 billion Japanese Yen
 Number of Employees
 Bank Reference
The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.(Sagami-Ohno Branch)
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.(Yamato Branch)
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.(Machida Branch)
 Major Business Partners and Actual foreign trade
Domestic Suppliers ( approx. 150 manufacturers relative to our business)
Overseas Suppliers ( directly importing from them)
Major Clients (  1. Mold makers for parts of Automobile,
   AV apparatus, Communication apparatus, etc.
2. Packaging and Printing Magnetized Cards                                )
Foreign trade Germany France Netherlands Taiwan Malaysia Korea India China Italy Singapore HongKong USA
 Intellectual property reights
32 patents , 16 trademarks
 Branches and Factory
Corporate Headquarter: Yamato Kanagawa Pref.
Sales Branch: 16 locations covering major industrial area of Japan
Factory ; Yamagata and Kanagawa Pref.
 Business Line
1. EDM Peripherals Equipment Division
2. Alloy Manufacturing Division
3. Machine Tool Sales Division
4. Mecatoronics Machine Manufacture Division
5. Press Metal Mold Manufacture Division
6. Precision Machine and Part Processing Division
7. IT Development Division
8. Solar Heating Equipment Division
 Membership of following Academic/Industry Association
* The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
* Japan Society of Electrical -Machining Engineers
* Japan Dies & Mold Industry Association
* The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
* Japan Society of Electrical-Machining Engineers
* Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
* Japanese Society of Die and Mold Technology
* Japan Solar Energy Society
* Japan Dies&Mold Industry Association
* Kanagawa Pref. Industrial Technology Center
* Fine Particle American Powder Metallurgy Institute