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  Details of our business
1.Mechatronics Machine Manufacture Division
Complex Hi-speed small hold EDM
3.Press Metal Mold Manufacture Division
4.Precision Machine and
           Part Processing Division
5.EDM Peripherals Equipment Division
6.IT Development Division
7.Solar Heating Equipment Division
8.Alloy Manufacturing Division
edm parts
Information New Products
Electrode for EDM [Legaroy]
Copper Tungsten
Plate Rod Round Pipe
Ring Hexagon With Shank Tapping
Silver Tungsten
Plate Rod
Manufactured product
      (with Shank• Tapping• Plate •Pipe• Ring)
Low erosion
Plate Rod
Tough Pitch
Plate•Square rod Plate (ground) Rod
Pipe Core less pipe Tapping
Tapered copper List of Tapered copper
Graphite List of Graphite
(2) Peripherals equipment for EDM
Filter for Graphite[Graphite]

(PDF) Makino
Mitsubishi Sodick
(3) Wire for WEDM
Rental wire
EWS & ESATECH® e40/35
Hitachi Chiba techno Sumden Oki Furukawa
(4) Peripherals equipment for WEDM
High-performance Filter[EW-340]
(PDF) Makino Fanuc Mitsubishi Sodick Hitachi
Seibu Agie
Charmilles Washino Brother Japax
Ion Exchange Resin Paper Tape/NC Tape
(5) Rust Remover •Processing Liquid Chemical
Rust Remover Anti-corrosive Paint EDM Oil Processing Liquid
Drilling Acceleration Grinding Accelerator Cleaner HWD
(6) Jig (Tooling system)
(7) Tools(Whetstone,Diamond tools,End mills)
(8) Parts for Mold (Ejector pin)
(9) Small hole EDM and Peripheral Device
(10) Ion exchange resins cartridge circulation system [Resina]
(11) Anti-rust water system [Sabina]